Who is Global Village Marketing & Data Services?

Global Village Marketing & Data Service is an American company with a global scope. We have provided marketing and data services to businesses all over the world. Through decades of experience, we have developed an extraordinary network of worldwide partners.

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How long before I receive the database?


The digital version of the database is delivered securely immediately after your transaction is approved, you can start marketing to millions of businesses within minutes.


If you have ordered a CD-ROM back-up, this will be delivered within 10 business days. You will of course be able to start working with the electronic version right away.



We are serious about serving our clients.


Global Village Marketing & Data Services knows that businesses move and change addresses. Therefore, we offer an exclusive one-to-one replacement guarantee. If you send a correspondence to an address that we provide and it is returned in the mail we will replace it with an addition address free of charge.

All that we ask is that you quickly scan and email us the letter so that we may update our records. When we say 14,000,000 records that is exactly what we mean. You will not lose even one stamp on our watch - that is our definition of customer service.